SmwAccra: 11 Super Cool Facts About Akiboat Impressions You’d Never See Anywhere

At yesterday’s Gig Economy session at the social media week, Akiboat, the well known and respected photography duo honourably represented as speakers, to tell us about how amazing and instrumental social media can be to the growth of your business.

Naturally, after their presentation, we spoke to Akua Boatemaa Oppong-Attah…(because her partner and loving husband was shy…) and we found out a whole lot of interesting things about her in just a couple of minutes.

She is obsessed with India and religion and will love to go to India just to take captivating images of the representations of religion in the country. 

Y’all should have seen her excitement talking about monks and the temples she can’t wait to capture with her lens.

Extra fun fact: she has this nagging deep feeling that her spirit animal is in India.

He daughter’s first name is actually of Indian origin and someway somehow, she has made a brother in the North of India and hopes to visit him soon.

Yeahh She’s smitten!

She has really cool photography ideas she plans to implement which include taking pictures of the security forces in Ghana with a twist, and taking cool pictures of really old people, all glammed up in stylish clothes, makeup and hair.

If you steal the idea kraa you can’t execute it like she will.

She and her husband love taking creative pictures of their baby and the baby loves loves having her photos taken! Yhup, be like She’s photo gbee just like her mum.

Please we didn’t say it…her mom said so herself!

Akiboat takes amazing pictures of really cute babies and most of her clients are celebs. You know what to do then right? Hit them up!

She’s got some dope photgraphy concepts concerning albinos. 

She never repeats concepts! 

She loves to work with her hands, working with flowers, paints and basically making the most out of DIY crafts. 

She would love for Ghanaians to embrace a little bit more creative and stop trying to copy exact same concepts they see somewhere.

Yes guys, you don’t let her tap into her full potential when you do that.

She’d love to take photographs of weddings from different cultures all over the world. 

Oh and if you have beautiful luscious beard you want to shave off anytime soon, holla at Akiboat Impressions on IG. They get some cool concept that will bost your mind!

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