Methodist University: 2018/2019 SRC Administration Kick Start “WAEC HEIGHT” And This Is What It Entails

In our previous dialogue with the SRC Executives, they made mention of increasing the numbers by introducing an initiative termed as the ” WAEC HEIGHT’

Their aim? Simple! To convince peeps who wish to further pursue a higher education on why their pick for a tertiary university should be MUCG. This will go a long way in helping us as a university on various levels.

Officially it has been launched and it’s ongoing. True to their words, the President and his Veep were at the office of the WAEC somewhere last week to get people aboard the MUCG ship via fliers and word of mouth.

We can deem it successful!! Its target extends even to social media where short videos with the caption: ‘Why MUCG?’ would be circulated as well as some of the Methodist Church branches in Accra where basically presentations on why one should enroll at MUCG will be done.

Check out all the pictures

You bet they’ve got more stored up for us and as usual, we’re going to be doing the updating!

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