Gij: Yo Freshers, You Are Not Supposed To Write Everything Down Here’s What To Note Down During Lectures

Lectures have begun here are a few things to note down during lectures.
Way back in high school we joked with virtually everything from teasing of teachers during class hours to talking and disturbing others from concentrating. University is quite different even though sometimes students are allowed to laugh off some funny instances in class. In as much as this is allowed sometimes,students need to be cautious and note down these things during lectures so as to be at the safe side.

Know your lecturer

Knowing your lecturer is one of the most important things to note during a lecture. Know your lecturer in relation to character traits whether he is strict,calm or gentle. By so doing, you know how to relate well with him or her. Some lecturers who are strict may not like students raising their hands in the middle of a lecture to ask questions whiles others do.

Note the style of teaching

Some lecturers have different styles of teaching and different approaches as well. While some lecturers will prefer dividing the class into groups ,others don’t want it that way. Most lecturers during lectures make known to students how they want their assignment done,formats in gathering information etc. By noting these you end up doing exactly what a lecturer wants.

Pay attention in class

 Paying of attention in class is also another important thing to note during a lecture. Most often than not after lecturers we get no time to go over what lecturers teach so paying attention in class does the work once and for all so that in cases you don’t understand a lecture you can ask relevant questions.

Ask questions

Almost all lecturers rank best students based on those who frequently ask questions in their class. The assumption is that, they are those that pay attention and are the best. In cases of failure in any assignment they tend to favour such people because they believe they are good students.

Copy notes

Copying of notes from lecturers slides are mostly useful. It helps you revise what was taught earlier. In cases where there’s no book to refer to ,it gets easier to refer to the notes or Slides.

Always make sure to note some few things the lecturer says which are not in the notes or slides.

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