Charlotte Osei Gives Her Husband Some Accolades As Part Of A 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

If you’re Charlotte Osei who opposing views in the Ghanaian society have turned into a divisive figure, then having a supportive husband is not just part of a married life, it becomes a lifeline from which one draws strength.

…..yeah… we know God is the ultimate.

But when the media develops a love-hate relationship with you, having a partner to calm your nerves and help you deal with BS is just the solution to a lot of one’s problems.

Since Charlotte Osei was controversially (some will argue) made the Chairman of the Electoral Commision, a target was hatched onto her back.

Everything she did went through more than three scrutiny process just to spot a wrongdoing.

Changing the logo of the EC as part of a rebranding exercise came with its own backlash.

Even her husband, whose privacy she jealously guards, was dragged into the fray when she was accused of giving the logo designing contract to her husband – an allegation she denied.

Then there were cases and Supreme Court runnings with voter register and the disqualification of some political parties from the 2016 General Elections.

Through all of that, the backlash continued – one even wondered whether she was able to catch a sleep with all the name calling.

When President Akufo-Addo came to power it was made clear that Charlotte Osei’s days at the EC were numbered.

Some EC staff started agitations and accused her of corruption.

….long story short, she was fired from her job based on a recommendation by an investigative committee and later, Jean Mensa was appointed by the President Akufo-Addo to succeed her.

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Through it all, her husband, commonly known as Mr Osei or Mr O was her champion. Despite what the media painted of Charlotte Osei, her husband was patient with her.

In a latest Instagram post on day 24 of a 30-day gratitude challenge, Charlotte Osei chose to give her husband all the accolades social media can allow.

“Today, I’m grateful for my dear Mr O. For the patience to live with me through all the decades of our marriage 😂’,” she wrote.

“For being an amazing dad to our children. For giving me the space to thrive and grow. For being a great friend, brother and husband. For standing by me in good and rough times, he certainly deserves some accolades,” she added.

Charlotte OseiCharlotte Osei


The fact that Mr Osei still supports his wife after the media and political discourse painted Charlotte Osei to seem like the reincarnation of the devil is a testament to the love and their commitment to their marriage.

Definitely husband goals!!!

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