14 Versions Of The Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad That Prove That, Sense Of Humor Is Everything

Last week, everyone went into a frenzy over the new Nike ad which featured Colin Kaepernick, an American footballer and the recently named face of Nike’s 30th Anniversary campaign: Just Do It.

The ad sparked different reactions in the world. Some Americans found it disrespectful using Colin because he chose to kneel instead of stand, when the national anthem was played before a match. Now, there are the enraged people who have taken to burning their Nike products and there are the excited ones who are all for Colin standing…erm in this case, kneeling for what he believes in. (He did what he did to protest police brutality of the minority in America , especially in the black community)

But, aside these two groups of people, there are the people who think “hey I sense a serious situation. let’s dilute it with some humor” and we love those people!! People are going off, making different renditions of the Just Do It poster and they are pretty great!

We picked our faves! We hope you enjoy them like we did!

Football fans understand this too well!

Yes, 50 Cent did this! He never hesitates to poke fun at Mayweather and his constant jokes about him not knowing how to spell or read.

Even Thanos had his share. We are still scathing over the fact that he killed off half of the beings in the Universe for power!

Ghanaians had to join in too! Who nose what would have happened if we didn’t?!

Now we really want to know who did this?!

Nigerians have had it with everyone now! Wow guys, wow.

Even Cardi B wasn’t left out after her fight with Nicki yesterday! Y’all don’t waste time!

Hahahaaaaa if you’re an avid Nigerian movie fan, you’d understand this too well! We love Patience Ozokwor!

Yasss Eminem! We stan! A King!

Herh! For real, speak up if you did this to the legendary Mike Tyson! Lol

Okay thick girls…We see you!

Even Cersei had to have her share!

Game of Thrones fans…remember Theon Greyjoy ? Hahaaaa savages !


That’s it! You’re all cancelled. It’s either that or some of you are going to hell for laughing!

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