#SMWAccra: 4 Brands That Used Social Media As PR For Their Brand

If you want your customers to see you, then you need to be seen. People don’t sift through the paper anymore to look at ads or evaluate products; people look online; as such, social media is now the go-to platform to advertise your brand. This is because almost everyone uses social media and so its easier to reach a wider range of people. Here are some brands that rely on social media as a PR for themselves.


1. YEEZYS (Kanye West)

Kanye released the whole of Yeezy Season 6 online. The Mud Rat 500s came courtesy of Kim Kardashian, who shared the image to her 116m Instagram followers and not through fashion shows and other traditional means of advertising. Who needs a fashion show when your wife has millions of Instagram followers at her fingertips?

While fans were anxiously awaiting more news of YEEZY Season 6 after the Mud Rat 500s, it turned out that pieces from the collection had been under our noses the whole time. Shot in paparazzi style, Kim wore outfits from Season 6 (as styled by Carine Roitfeld) whilst out and about in LA. The shots were then cleverly repurposed into a lookbook for the collection. It was very smart and very befitting for one of the most famous couples in the world.

2. Vodafone X

Vodafone X came with bundle plans which made use of little money for lots of data. They were targetting the youth and what better way to get the attention of the youth than by being on the same platform on them. Through using social media to advertise the brand, they managed to grab the youth’s attention and now in every 3 people, 2 use Vodafone x.

3. Bloombar

This hangout used the power of Twitter to pull customers and since their target audience is active on that social media app, they were able to attain their goal. Now, during the weekend, if you aren’t at Bloombar, then your weekend isn’t lit!

4. Photographers

If you are a photographer and you arent on any sort of social media then what are you doing? You’re just a “photoo”. lool! Social media has the audience you need and want hence its imperative to use it to advertise and showcase your craft. Media channels such as Instagram and Twitter have the likes of Bob Pixel, Pixslrate, Cliq Kofi, Grey Studios, The Joey DutchMusah Photographer, Ghog, Oddox, and Slice Imagery who use the platform for their benefits.

From the above-cited examples, it is safe to say that social media is not just a communication tool but a tool that can be used to improve business sales. Want to learn more about using social media as a PR for your business? Then make a date with us during Social Media Week.

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