#SMWAccra: 16 Amazing Pictures And Advice From Bob Pixel

There are “photographers” and there are PHOTOGRAPHERS! Lol. Emmanuel Bobbie popularly known as Bob Pixel is one of the PHOTOGRAPHERS based in Accra, Ghana. He specializes in advertising and commercial/documentary photography. He isn’t your average photographer because there is always a deeper meaning to the pictures he takes and always gives people a new way to look at people and situations. Check out these 18 amazing pictures we got from his Instagram page.

1. Memories of washing off all traces of sea sand on you before going home from the beach

2. Adowa, a part of our culture

3. The executioner!

4. Descendants of Yaa Asantewaa still rule Ejisu. This is the current Queenmother of Ejisu.

5. Different skates but it doesn’t stop the lad from practicing and having fun. The lesson from the shot: Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity. Sometimes the perfect time never arrives but must be created.

6. Wow, it flies?! Can you make it bigger to take me to the Holy Land of Mecca?

7. Your best work isn’t necessarily what you do for paying clients.

8. Once you know who you are, finding your place in the world becomes easier.

9. The kid who prefers to help his uncle by opening the sacks of medicinal plants which will then be purchased by clients for medical capsules. A far cry from some other kids being used for child labour.

10. One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.

11. Afro samurai

12. How “hard” is your daily grind?

13. Sent to fetch water by their parents but they took time to show their acrobatic prowess before going home with their buckets of water

14. A coconut seller rest in his mobile “shop” at Achimota after presumably a long day. What’s your reason for not being able to sleep on your bed again??

15. Levitation

16. Dirty Dancing

17. What I see on the surface before entering the pit could possibly be the last thing I ever see on earth. ~ Untold stories of illegal mining

18. I know I dice with death everyday I am down here but bro, I have seen people get diamonds and become rich overnight but in the same breathe I have seen people buried alive in the pits. ~ Untold stories of illegal mining

Want to know more about him, his craft and how he uses his social media to land jobs? Then you need to be at the Accra Mall on Tuesday, 11th September 2018 during the Social Media Week at 10 am to hear him talk about himself and how he got this far with his photography.

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