UG: Not Everyday Kempinski. Check Out 10 Low Budget Date Ideas.

To maintain a relationship, it’s necessary to keep up with that special him/her, not just online but through dates.

But how do you do that without money??

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Relax, we got you covered.

 Take a walk:

Campus life is a busy affair, but sometimes the best kind of date is just a slow walk around campus.

One evening, dress cool but casual, pick her up from her hall, walk around campus holding hands, get a drink or ice cream or anything cold, view some cool places on campus then circle back to her hall.

There you go, a perfect way to catch up on each other and save money.

Watch a movie or binge watch a TV series:

Is she a movie buff? Is there a new blockbuster in HD? Perfect!

Download it, get some snacks, clean your room and invite her over for a little movie time. Have Netflix? Then it’s easy to Netflix and chill.

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Go for breakfast:

Since breakfast is relatively cheap and easy to prepare and consume, a little pie, muffin, tea at any eatery like “Coffee-cue” before lectures is a brief but perfect way to spend time together.

Spend time at the Botanical gardens:

The Legon botanical gardens is a beautiful romantic place for a picnic or a walk, just take a taxi there, an entrance fee of not more than ¢10 for one and enjoy a cool afternoon.

Play a game:

Boardgames are a fun way to spend time together. Checkers, chess, ludo, snakes and ladders, and even video games can enable you to know each other better.

Study together:

After all, it’s university, academics come first, even if you guys don’t offer the same courses, at least learning next to someone you know would instill a sense of security and enable you to learn better.

 Take advantage of specials: Free hall week concerts and breakfast mornings, Vodafone insomnia nights, etc Try them out.

Exercise together:

Jogging or skating around campus on Saturday mornings, gym workouts or even room workouts help build some abs and lose some weights.

Programs and seminars:

It’s not about studies and fun, a motivational or entrepreneurial summit is a chance to learn something and not only impact your life but that loved ones also.

Cook a meal together: This doesn’t need much talk, you have the ingredients, she has the skill, connect and learn.

There you have it, forget the telenovelas, dates are not all expensive dinners and exotic locations. It’s all about getting to know each other in a cool and romantic way.


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