These Kenyan Fishermen Use A Lot Of Condoms – But Not For What You Think

When push comes to shove, mankind will always find a way to survive; it’s a natural instinct.

Sometimes, one must do unconventional things in order to ensure one’s survival.

…and that is exactly what these fishermen in Mombasa, Kenya had to do.

Before they started using condoms to literally save their lives, a lot of the fishermen were losing their lives at sea.

Most times when their canoe capsizes due to high currents at sea, the fishermen are not able to radio for help.

Those with little swimming experience either drown or a swept away by the high current.

However, by using condoms, they are able to protect their phones from getting wet.

With their phones intact, they call for help from the village and get rescued.

Though this is a very unconventional way of using a condom, it’s certainly doing its job by keeping fishermen save.

These fishermen just gave everyone who doesn’t have a water-resistant phone a major hack.

Next time you’re travelling on any waterbody, make sure your phone is safely tacked into a condom.

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