NSS Tip: Everything You Need To Do To Ensure You Get Retained At Your Place Of Service

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National Service started just this week and whether you like it or not, you’d have to start thinking about life after service now! Know why? it’s because it’s hard to get a job after NSS and the best thing to happen to you is if you get retained at your place of service. We’ve put together tips on how you can ensure that you get noticed and at least considered for employment when the time comes!

Make yourself indispensable

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Don’t think it’s just NSS so you’d relax and basically do whatever you want. This is the time for you to work hard and impress everyone you work with. When you’re asked to do something, just put in your all and do it well. Even if you aren’t maintained, they’d always remember you as the one they could never do without and you’d be surprised that when there’s a job opening, you’d be the first they’d think about. Leave an excellent mark so your name is on everyone’s lips.

Don’t get too comfortable

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Because you’re working hard, it’s normal for you to become everyone’s favourite and it’s very easy to get extremely comfortable and forget that you’re just a service personnel. Look at your service period as a big test you’re supposed to take and work hard to pass it with flying colours.

Suck Up to the bosses!

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Suck up to the bosses! We showed you how to identify the right person to suck up to remember? One way you can do this is by doing a bit of research and finding out what extracurricular activity they’re interested in and use that to get closer!

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Get close but not too close

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As you get friendly with everyone else, please remember there’s a limit!! Don’t go overboard or else, before you know it, you’d be in the HR’s office being asked questions about harassment. Don’t be a creep! Know when to make everyone laugh and when to be serious.

Bring New Ideas

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One thing you can also do is to be innovative. Anytime you have an idea, run it by your boss and don’t get mad if they run with it and barely give credit to you. You’d be surprised he or she will be the loudest when the time comes for them to decide who they want to retain at the job and who to let go.

So, chin up and follow these tips and we’d be here to retweet and repost when you shout to the world that you GOT THAT JOB!

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