Ishmael Toff-Mensah The MBA Student Who Was Detained In Ukraine For An Alleged Bribery Has Been Fined

Ishmael Toff-Mensah

Finally, it seems there is going to be some light at the end of the tunnel for Ishmael Toff-Mensah, the Ghanaian MBA student who is currently under arrest in Ukraine.

We have been telling you about the ordeal of Ishmael who was arrested in a Ukrainian airport and sent to a Ukrainian military prison for an alleged attempt to bribe a Ukrainian immigration official.

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Ishmeal, who was visiting the Eastern European country for the first time ostensibly to deliver luggage to his nephew who studies in Ukraine, has been under arrest for almost two weeks now.

He was arrested after a Ukrainian immigration official assumed Ishmael wanted to bribe him when he showed him the money he was carrying.

This followed an inquiry by the Ukrainian immigration official to ascertain why Ishmael was travelling on a tourist visa yet he was carrying a lot of luggage.

A communication barrier reportedly meant that both Ishmael and the immigration official were not able to accurately explain themselves.

This led to the accusation and subsequently, his arrest.

Having languished in a military prison with bread and sugar solution as food, Ishmael has no choice but to accept a fine of $500 for the ‘crime’ he was accused of when a sentencing hearing was held today in Ukraine.

Earlier attempts to get the Government of Ghana to use diplomatic means to get Ishmael released had proved futile much to the displeasure of his family in Ghana who felt helpless.

As it stands now, Ishmael will be on his way back home after he pays the $500 fine for a crime he didn’t commit.

We’re just glad that this matter is gradually going to have a happy ending.

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