Hard Guy Hard Guy, But He’s A Virgin. 7 Warning Signs That Prove He Is.

Yes, you read the heading right! Today we are on the men who like running and hiding away from this, as if virginity is a feminine word.

It makes you wonder if they were just dropped into the world non-virgins from the start lol.

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For most of them, it is even a shame to admit that they are virgins because it is not “guy”. We know boys boys no be family, they will laugh at you. But we see all of you and we know that you haven’t crossed the River Jordan yet! So here’s how to know when he won’t say the words himself!

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First things first, pay particular attention! Is he shy when he’s talking to you or when a girl approaches him? Yes, some boys are generally shy, but hardly will you get a non-virgin guy to be shy! It’s like the sex just gives them some confidence bi! So when you hold his hand and he is sweating or shivering or he moves back a bit when you are talking, chances are he is a green leaf!

When he is extremely fair it is easier, watch him turn red like a tomato.

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On to the next!

The Bra Test. So this is like a major key alert! Virgins do not know how to unstrap a bra, AND NO it’s not as easy as you think! Men who have done this before would know how different bra straps are handled, but a virgin will struggle his way through.

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Some men bleed….

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No, it’s not only a woman thing to bleed when you are a virgin, some men have a tight layer of foreskin right on their member and so they might end up bleeding. Weird huh??

Now imagine you are naked and he’s just there like………

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You there thinking he’s amazed by the curves on your body and all, so your head is doing you skills hahaha.  GIRRLL!! He’s probably never seen a naked girl before.

Okay maybe you don’t think so, you have to give him the benefit of doubt, so the CONDOM is with him and he doesn’t know to get it on. Lol Okay, maybe he doesn’t use it much. Lezzgo!!

So you get into the bed, hoping he’d take charge and ALAS! The guy has no idea where to start from so he’s arching his brows hoping you take the lead! Still, think he’s not VIRGIN and he’s just being a gentleman?? Well…….

He just figured this whole thing out and now he’s on top, doing his thing, naa then BAM! Game Over! Under 1 minute Pa! W’api! Hard guy paa!


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His stamina is low, his hormones are raging and he has no control over them cause he has never done this before! He’s a Tear Rubber!

S/O to the Hard guys who insist they cannot be virgins though!!!

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