GIJ: Hey Fresher! Here are 5 Things You Should Avoid During Lectures.

Hey Freshman!

We want you to have a wonderful stay here at the Ghana Institute Of Journalism.

In doing so, here are 5 things you should avoid whenever there is an ongoing lecture.

Grab a pen and a book!

1. First and Foremost, avoid carrying food and drinks into the lecture hall.

Management of the Ghana Institute Of Journalism has passed a law forbidding food and drinks in lecture halls.

However, bottled water is allowed.

2. Avoid using mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and iPad during lectures, unless the lecturer has given you the go-ahead to do so.

Sounds from such gadgets turn to destruct the class.

3. Avoid chatting during lectures.

Most lectures get annoyed when they see students chatting during lectures. Some of them turn to walk students out of the class when caught.

This will lead to a bad student-lecturer relationship.

4. Avoid sleeping during ongoing lectures.

We know some lectures can be very boring. But try as much as possible not to sleep.

You might miss an important discussion or point from the lecture.

5. Finally! Avoid walking out of the lecture hall frequently.

Walking out of the lecture hall frequently either to get a bottle of water or to visit the washroom may destruct the class.

Try as much as possible to do such things before you enter the lecture hall.

Have a wonderful stay at the Institute!

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