7 Things In The Home That Can Be Used As A Pregnancy Test Tool.

Pregnancy tests are not that expensive. The problem is how to walk into the pharmacy and ask for it, without getting a pair of judgemental eyes staring down at your whole life.


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The whole point of the pregnancy test at the pharmarcy  is to detect HCG( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). This hormone is produced during pregnancy.

But what if there are 7 things you’d mostly find in your kitchen that can detect HCG in your Urine??

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Then the pregnancy test kit becomes useless, and you don’t have to deal with any moral judgement.

Here are the 7 things and how to use them:

Let’s GO!


Pour your plain white vinegar into a glass bowl.

Add your collected early morning urine sample into the vinegar.

If  there is a color change, then sis! You are pregnant.

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If there is no observable change, then you are not pregnant.

Note : Never pour the urine rapidly to froth the mix. And if you see any frothing don’t take it as a positive pregnancy test.

Bleach AKA Parazone

First of all, please take note, fumes from a bleach and urine reaction are poisonous.

Take liquid bleach or bleach powder in a cup and pour your early morning urine into it.

If there is a lot of frothing and fizz, then you are pregnant.

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If there is no significant frothing and it all gets settled, then it shows that you are not.


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You hardly ever run out of toothpaste. Just take a small pea-sized amount of Toothpaste in a bowl.

Spread it uniformly all over the surface of the bowl.

Then you pour the urine sample in this toothpaste coated bowl.

A color change indicates pregnancy.

Note: Use a white toothpaste for taking the pregnancy test as color changes will be easier to detect.


This pregnancy test is based on the change of solubility of sugar in urine.

Take sugar crystals  and not powdered sugar or sweetener.  Collect your early morning urine sample.

Pour the urine into the bowl with sugar.

If sugar forms clumps then your pregnancy test is positive. If the sugar dissolves, then a pregnancy test is negative.


Take salt crystals in a bowl. Pour your early morning urine in this bowl.

Wait for 3 minutes before making the conclusions.

If there is clumping and changes happening, then you are pregnant. No change means that the homemade pregnancy test is negative.

Baking Soda

Take a ½ spoon full of baking soda.

Collect you early morning urine in a disposable cup.

Add baking soda to it.

This is a mild homemade test that doesn’t yield poisonous fumes like the bleach pregnancy test.

If there is frothing, then you are pregnant. If there is not much frothing, then your pregnancy test is negative


Wait what???

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Yhup! Dettol can detect HCG TOO!

All you have to do is to pour Dettol in a plastic cup and add your early morning urine sample to this. Keep the ratio 1:3 for Dettol is to urine. Wait for around 5 minutes.

If you get a separate layer of urine on the top of Dettol, then you are pregnant. If the separation of urine and Dettol doesn’t happen, then it is a negative pregnancy test result.

Now you don’t have to deal with all those pharmacists with their nose way up in the sky like some angels.

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