6 Annoying Excuses Parents Give When You Ask Them For Money And Responses We Would Have Loved To Give Them

Asking for money from Ghanaian parents is an extreme sport! You have to psych yourself to be able to answer the questions they throw at you. The Why? When? and for what reason combination will just throw you off and if you aren’t ready physically, mentally and emotionally for them,  you might not get that money you want. Ghanaian parents generally don’t want to give you money for anything but expect you to magically have some money on you to get yourself basic stuff. Here are excuses parents give when you ask them for money and some sarcastic responses we would have loved to give them if not for the fact that we would probably be buried alive.


1. What happened to the money I gave you?

You gave me money 2 months ago! 2 whole months! That money was even done within a week. Wait…How did you think I was surviving? On that measly money?? Tf??!

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2. Do you think money grows on trees?

B***h, please! Whether it grows there or not, who is supposed to be taking care of me? Yup! That’s right, yooouu!!!

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3. Come and take me and turn me into money.

Don’t dare me please!

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4. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Really? Are we really going there? Let’s be real here. Would you have given it to me? Huh? Would you?!

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5. There is food in the house.

But mummy why? Daddy why? I really cannot keep eating the food here. Small spoiling I want to spoil myself! Sigh

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6. When you’re always pressing phone.

Wait. What?

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But Charley, we must show that we have good home training. Make sure these responses stay in your head and make sure it remains there. Unless you want to be disowned, be our guest.


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