10 Songs From The 2000s That Prove That Beyonce Has Always Been Queen

Beyonce is Queen. It’s a fact and noone is about to take her crown away anytime soon!

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Just because it’s her birthday and of course we love and admire her so much, here’s proof that Bey started Queening from day one and hasn’t stopped since!

Check On It (2006)

It was part of her debut album, ”B’day” and featured Bun B and Slim Thug.

Upgrade You (2006)

We loved watching Beyonce upgrade Jay Z. Who knew they’d be all loved up with three kids in a couple of years.

Diva (2008)

From the Album, I Am…Sasha Fierce, the song had every girl identifying as a Diva.

Baby Boy (2003)

She featured Sean Paul and the dance moves in the video was just…mesmerizing!

If I Were A Boy (2008)

Everyone thought this was the most creative video they’d ever seen.

Irreplaceable (2006)

This song off her B’day album became every girl’s anthem.

Crazy In Love (2003)

This was when the Jay-Z dating Beyonce rumours went wild! The chemistry was beautiful.

Halo (2008)

Did somebody make this the official song for every Senior High School cos Lord knows it was abused! In a good way of course.

Single Ladies (2008)

This song is still undoubtedly the true single ladies’ anthem! Bless you, Beyonce!

Beautiful Liar (2006)

This is the best collaboration ever!! The singing didn’t even catch our attention like the way the music video did! That belly rolling competition had us having heated arguments over who did it best!

Clearly Beyonce is and forever will be Queen and she deserves every bit of the stardom she’s reached now so if you don’t agree…

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