Started Service Yet? Check Out 7 Different People You Will Find At The Workplace

Congratulations to our NSS Kuulpeeps who are all fired up to start working for their nation.

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We meet different types of people every day and it is important to know how to deal with each person since what will work for one person may not work for the other; especially in a working environment where y’all spend roughly 9 hours together. It’s imperative to know and understand the structure of your workplace in order to relate better with one another.

Here is a list of 7 different types of people you would probably meet at your workplace.

1.The Quiet One

This person rarely speaks out loud. There is that smile and occasional giggle when someone cracks a joke but that’s about it. They do not participate in gossip or office jesting. They speak when it is absolutely necessary but apart from that, nothing.

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2. The Hardworking One

He/she takes work too seriously that one would even ask if the workplace is for his/her parents. Once they enter the workplace, it’s all jokes aside. They mind their own business until its break time. Once the break is over, they go back to work. They are the ones who finish assignments and projects on time and always put their hands up to volunteer for new work.

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3. The Sender

They are usually women. Befriending these people is dicey because on one side if you’re friends with them they might not send you as much as they send the other personnels but on the other hand, once they are friends with you too, it means you’re at their disposal. It’s a 50-50 thing.

4. The Joker

This person is always making jokes in the office. They make the place lively with their presence because once they come in, they’ll say something funny. Everyone loves working with them because they brighten the day with their jokes. It’s all fun and games until they include you in their jokes and they laugh at Make sure you don’t take it personally otherwise it will be worse.

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5. The Gossip

As for this person deꜪ, unless she doesn’t hear something, she will say it. She knows everyone and everything going on in the office. She always has juicy gossip to give someone. Its a wonder why people actually confide in her because she will definitely spill the information eventually.

6. The Bully Victim

For some reason, this person is always being bullied and laughed at in the office. He usually just laughs it off because he obviously doesn’t take things to heart.

7. The Slay King/Queen

These people are always popping! Shoes on fleek! Hair/haircut on fleek! Clothes on fleek! They probably drive to work or always arrive and leave in an Uber (Make sure you catch a ride from them though!). You know they’re around when you smell their expensive perfume within the office space.

Met people outside these categories yet? Let us know. Do get interactive with us.

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