Before You Settle Into Your First Day Of National Service, Take A Look At These Social Media Posts

Congratulations to all National Service Personnel! Your service to the nation starts today! Everyone seems to have something to say about service and just so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the fussing and advice and tips rolling in from everywhere, here are some posts we gathered from social media for you NSPs.

This is from the bosses themselves…

How cool is it? you’re giving back to your country!! lmao!! That felt really good yesterday, right? well, this was you this morning:

You totally forgot you had to wake up early huh?

Let’s just say you managed to get to work on time then this situation hits you smack in the face!

The beginning of your future roles to come…

Oh and for those with girlfriends, ermmm *cough*cough*

But, in everything, just take these sweet people’s advice and you’d be fine!

Tell us about your first-day experience! Was it good? bad? ugly? Share your story with us cos we are curious!

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