2018/2019: We Conferred With Ivy Twumasiwaa Kwarteng; SRC Women’s Commissioner For Methodist University, Dansoman Campus, And Here Are All The Details

We had an insightful conversation with the SRC President, and he briefed us on a whole lot of plans in line for the semester.

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We’ve always wanted to know some key things about the Women’s Commission… why isn’t there a Men’s Commission amongst others. This has all the answers to those questions and it’s specially designed for you! Let’s find out!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Hi, please make known who you are for our readers?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Hello, I’m Ivy Twumasiwaa Kwarteng a level 400 Student of Methodist University. Had my primary, JHS, and SHS in Kumasi.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: So far, you’ve lived in Kumasi almost all your life? Interesting!

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Yes I moved to Accra in 2009 after SHS to live with a family member. I then started MUCG in 2011 where I was offering Economics, Mathematics, and statistics but had to defer in level 200 second semester due to some family issues.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What course do you offer now?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: I’m offering Economics and Statistics.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: For those of us who are oblivious, tell us what WOCOM stands for?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: WOCOM stands for Women’s Commissioner!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Alright. We are curious, can you let us know what was the initiative behind the WOCOM?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: For women to have a slot in student leadership since the other positions are mostly occupied by men.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Thoughtful! So why did you decide to vie for the position of women’s commissioner?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: I have the passion to serve others and I know I can work effectively with that portfolio.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: For you, what does it mean to be a WOCOM?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Being a woman you become the link between the female students especially, and other students. Help solve female related issues on campus, help groom female students to take up leadership roles on campus and even after school. So basically you help seek the well being of all female students on campus

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Female, female? What about the men? Are they left out?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: No they are not. We involve them in everything we do even though about 80% of our programs are in favor of our ladies we still make sure that whatever program we do our men involved.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: That’s great! Within the short tenure, what are your plans and how do you intend to fulfill them?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: It is very true that a year comes very fast and due to this I plan to organize programs that will have a great impact on MUCG students with the help of the other executives.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Okay and what are some of these programs you plan to organize?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: There are so many projects that I wish to do. I will try to organize a leadership seminar on campus especially for the ladies to train them on taking up leadership roles. I will also try and maintain the yearly visits to different orphanages. Will also try and organize programs that will bring students from other schools to promote networking among ourselves.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: When you say ”try” do you mean to say you’re uncertain about the definite implementation of your plans?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: No I am certain of my plans and programs that will help improve students especially the female students.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Very well then. What did your predecessor do or what project did she embark on that you deem laudable?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: My predecessor Miss Rahinatu Issah, I can say is one of the best WOCOM’s MUCG has had so far. She did so many things but the one that I deem laudable is the Christmas visit and donation to the Orphanage home in Dodowa.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: As a women’s advocate how would you empower women in our school to go all out and be the best in their endeavors in a male-dominated cultural background?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: By helping build their self-esteem since most of our beliefs and practices as Ghanaians makes females inferior to men but by this, they will have the confidence to be who they are. Opportunities to learn some skills will also be available so that they become independent even if they haven’t acquired a job after school.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What measures will you put in place to build their self-esteem?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Through the acquisition of skill which will make them independent and through seminars on improving self-esteem by resource persons.

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Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What package have you got under wraps for the semester?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: A lot of packages in the plan but for now I will like to keep it until the semester begins!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Could you highlight two of them please, just so we know what to expect?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: To start with since there will be an Akwaaba week celebration to welcome all freshers to campus plus the Women commission in collaboration with the SRC will organize a cooking competition to bring the continuing and fresh students together to get to know themselves. I will also organize an entrepreneurial program which will help the students learn some trade that will help them create some income even on campus.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Nice!! We hope for the best. Where will your source of funding come from?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: At the beginning of every semester a budget is drawn to cover if not all, some of the programs that will be done by the SRC which will include programs by the WOCOM. But truth be told it is not always enough to cover all expenses so I will seek sponsorship from different companies and institutions that help in such cases.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Wow but is it just you that’ll be seeking for sponsorship? I’m sure it won’t be that easy though.

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Yes it won’t but if what you are seeking sponsorship for will benefit the students and Ghana as a whole then you will get an institution ready to lend a hand.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Oh alright. That’s fine then, what are some of the female related issues you’ve identified and how would you solve them?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: As a Christian institution our way of dressing should also be a proof of that but we seem to have a problem with how some of our ladies dress. It is a very delicate issue and must be treated as such. With this said I plan to solve this through peer influence. Ladies, in particular, tend to do what their peers do so if I’m able to start with one person I think it will help. Our washrooms, in particular, need to be checked too.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: True, but our washrooms need to be checked, how?

Src Women’s Commissioner: With the issue of the washroom, it is the duty of the school to try and maintain it but as the SRC we will also try our best to pressurize them and also offer our support in any way we can to get it fixed.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Indeed your work demands a whole lot of commitment. Would you be able to juggle your responsibilities and your academic life as well as all others? What would you do to ensure a balance?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: To begin with I am very good at multitasking and most of the work and programs will be scheduled in such a way that all students can benefit since there are 3 sections thus the Day, evening and weekend and to add to that I really enjoy learning at dawn so that will also be a plus to improve on my academic performance

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: You’re good to go then! You kind of touched on this a little bit yet I’ll still go ahead and ask this. The weekend and evening are often left out on all the fun. What’s your take on that? What are your plans for them?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: It is very true since most evening students always come around late afternoon and the weekend students on Fridays. Programs will be scheduled mostly on Fridays and at a time that will be convenient for all students.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: It’s a good initiative. What’s a typical weekday in your life like?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: A typical weekday for me is I leave the house around 7 am since I’m a volunteer at the birth and death registry to work. I close around 2 pm and go to the library on campus to prepare myself for the day’s lecture which starts at 5 pm and leave for the house after class. I usually don’t have a tight schedule

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Being a woman, what’s your take on women who practically rely on ‘sponsors’ for their every need to maintain a certain lifestyle and choose not to make an effort to cater for themselves?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: That is a no-no situation for me and I do not support or encourage that. Most women in such situations are abused and taken advantage of since their so-called sponsors do not respect or see their value as women and as such treat them wrongly with the notion that “after all she has nowhere to go, she will be back”

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: hmm…deep. I’m sure you haven’t had it easy but you keep pushing regardless.
Where does all your inspiration come from?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Most of my inspiration comes from my mother. She is a woman who never stops, she doesn’t know the word can’t or won’t. She is one of the most God-fearing and most forceful women on earth. I’m always thankful to have been born by her. “MUM THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE”

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Aww… That’s honestly so touching. She must be proud of you!

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Yes she really is. in fact, one of my happiest days was the day she picked me up in front of my SHS after completing you just need to see all the tears flowing with joy.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Awww… Our impression of you so far has been a ‘no-nonsense go-getter’ kinda person as well as unsociable. Do you have a social life? What do you do for fun?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: I’m a kind of person you always find indoors when I have a free time but that doesn’t mean I’m not sociable or approachable and when I get any free moment I try to sit and reflect on what has happened and the way forward

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Reflection? Even that is considered work?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Hhhhm that is me.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Ah well. Individual differences they say! What your philosophy in life?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: To never say you can’t or won’t and that doesn’t mean you will always get it but never stop!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Well said!!

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Thank you!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University:  Are you in a relationship? *smiles*

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Yes I am, but I don’t really like to talk much about that.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Lol don’t worry, we won’t delve deeper. What do you have to say finally before we close the curtains on this interview, especially to the female students and to the student body as a whole?

SRC Women’s Commissioner: What I will say is it hasn’t been easy but the good Lord keeps seeing me through and to all students of MUCG especially the female students, the commission is not just the one leading but all female students. I can not do the job alone so it’s up to all of us to partake in making MUCG great. And to all women especially women in Ghana, there should not be anything like “can’t or won’t” in our lives but to at least TRY when we make up our mind.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: And we totally agree!! Thank you so much for your time, Ivy. It’s been an absolutely inspiring time with you. We’ve learned a lot and we hope others do too. We wish you nothing short of greatness in every endeavor of yours. You go, girl!! Because you’ve got a lot of others right behind you wholeheartedly!!

SRC Women’s Commissioner: Thank you very much for having me!

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