2018/2019: Meet Eric Kwame Esson, Methodist University’s SRC Treasurer For The Dansoman Campus

Money matters are no joke, therefore, we have with us the SRC Treasurer for Methodist University, Dansoman Campus.

He’s going to enlighten us on what his duty entails and how our monies are disbursed as well as what it’s used for.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Money man, lol, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

SRC Treasurer: Lol alright. I’m Eric Kwame Esson. A Methodist University student in level 300 offering Banking and Finance which is under the Business Administration department and also the current SRC treasurer. I’m 23years of age. I’m from Anomabo in the Central Region of Ghana.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Great! What influenced your decision to contend for the position of SRC treasurer?

SRC Treasurer: Well I served in the previous administration as a finance committee member and with that, I developed an interest in it and decided to contest.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Finance committee? So definitely the SRC treasurer the head of that committee?

SRC Treasurer: Yes, please.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Why the need for a committee though?

SRC Treasurer: As a treasurer, you can’t do all the work alone, it’s good to have a committee that will assist you in getting things done. Also with the preparing of the budget, they help with the figures so that it isn’t disorganized.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Interesting… Can you tell us what your responsibilities are?

SRC Treasurer: My responsibilities as an SRC treasurer is to
1. Keep proper records of all transactions.
2. In consultation with the President disburse money for every project of the SRC and lastly,
3. Properly keep all documents concerning the SRC account.

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Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What’s your strategy as treasurer for the academic year?

SRC Treasurer: My field is actually designed in such a way that my strategy is connected to the activities of the SRC. This makes it quite difficult to strategize alone.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Therefore, it has to be a collaboration between all the other SRC executives? Meaning you do not prepare the budget alone? You do it together with the other executives?

SRC Treasurer: Yes, please. We all have a discussion and agree on activities that will go on during the semester, then we proceed from there and prepare the budget based on the activities.

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Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Oh okay quite clear now. So apart from the activities what other things do you consider when preparing the budget?

SRC Treasurer: Well, aside from the activities we also consider human resources because they will aid in the successful implementation of plans. We also include the welfare of the execom and other committees as well.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Is the budget prepared on a semester basis or on yearly basis?

SRC Treasurer: Yes, please. On a semester basis.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: So apart from your duties, what other things would you do as treasurer that’ll make you be remembered even after you’ve served your term?

SRC Treasurer: Aside finances, I will collaborate with other executives to ensure that students are entertained, they are able to learn in a conducive environment. I believe in teamwork so I won’t be only focused on my field.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Alright. How is record keeping done? Manually or computerized?

SRC Treasurer: Well from the previous administration, it is always manual so it will continue.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: I guess it must be burdensome using manual means. Do you agree it’s about time it is computerized?

SRC Treasurer: It’s a good idea but the manual normally helps too. It will be good too if it is computerized. Both ways work fine.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What are the benefits of manually keeping records?

SRC Treasurer: I will say it’s safe. We came to meet a spoilt desktop computer in the office and just imagine if
documents were to be saved on it, how do we easily recover them?. But if it’s papers, it will probably be kept in the office wardrobe and can be easily recovered.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Hmm really? Okay, oo…I see. So how is the SRC-funded?

SRC Treasurer: Funding comes from the dues students pay.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Then with the dwindling of the student population each year, the funds are barely enough to finance the sort of projects the SRC wants to embark on? Or?

SRC Treasurer: Hmmmmm. Not really, our administration is planning to bring on board things that will raise some funds for us.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: So definitely there’ll be enough funds to cater for all activities?

SRC Treasurer: Exactly.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Great! How will you ensure funds are not mismanaged?

SRC Treasurer: By not disbursing funds for projects which will have no benefit to the students.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What kind of project do you deem not beneficial to students?

SRC Treasurer: We are working with the student body and anything the students do not agree with, isn’t deemed beneficial.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Is the student body entitled to a statement of account from the SRC treasurer?

SRC Treasurer: Yes. Because they have to know what their dues are used for and even before our budget will be
considered the student body must first approve it.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: How will the approval be done?

Src treasurer: We will have a general meeting which involves every student on campus and we present to them our proposed income and expenditure then proceed from there.

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Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Anything else you’d want to add concerning your duties?

SRC Treasurer: No please, I don’t think so.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: When is it appropriate to disburse funds?

SRC Treasurer: After our proposed program and project has been approved.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Do you provide funds to the src executives only to embark on their projects?

SRC Treasurer: If not welfare. The rest is spent on projects and programs

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What does the welfare entail?

SRC Treasurer: As in traveling expenses of the execom and they are entitled to allowance too

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What personally drives you as an individual?

SRC Treasurer: Motivation and team work.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Got any philosophy of life? Do share with us, please.

SRC Treasurer: Not really

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to be the next src treasurer?

SRC Treasurer: Anyway, My advice to anyone who wishes to aspire for this very position is, to work hard and make sure he/she knows what it takes to be named a treasurer because is not an easy task, it entails a lot and gives you exposure.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: According to you, what does it take to be named a treasurer?

SRC Treasurer: Well. It comes with pressure and you should be able to stand and defend every figure on your budget. It requires dedication for the work and not just the namesake.

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: You say it’s not an easy task. Would you able to balance and manage your duties, academics as well as others well?

SRC Treasurer: Yes, please

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Okay then, what do you do for fun?

SRC Treasurer: Hahahahahaha. Anything you can think of. Lol

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: Lol partying? Sports? Everything some erh?

SRC Treasurer: Yeah Lol

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: That’s whats up!! You live good!! Are you in a relationship?

Src treasurer: Am still searching

Kuulpeeps Methodist University: What are your final words?

SRC Treasurer: Well, I will first thank you for your time with me and the good work you have started. God bless you and your colleagues. We would entreat you to help us explore and raise the image of the SRC and the school as a whole.

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Kuulpeeps Methodist University: We’d want to thank you as well. We’re grateful for your time. All the best!

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