Types Of Lecturers You Are Bound To Meet On Campus And How To Deal With Them

Male teacher standing before students (8-10) with hands raised

Not all of the tutors you meet are the same. And since they decide whether you pass or fail,  we think you should know how to deal with them.

Right?  Ok kuul.

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The boring One.

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These ones come, teach and leave. There’s no storytelling, no laughter, no side attractions. Just 2 hours of pure unadulterated Univeristy studying. And that can be quite stressful.

What to do.

Pay attention, take notes, chew gum so you dont sleep. Or,  you can try our authentic technique…  *whispers* skip lectures.

The “I Mean Business” Lecturer.

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This one takes their job very seriously and is a stern disciplinarian. They dont play around at all.

What to do.

Show up on time, be up to date with the course, always make sure assignments are done.

The Cool One.

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They are abreast with everything happening. On social media, in music, et all. Their fashion sense is as current as old people’s fashion can be. And they love to interract.

What to do.

Find out what they love to interract about so you can join in the conversation. That’s how they notice you.

The Seasonal One.

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You might meet this one just once or twice the whole semester. But “everything on the course outline has already been taught🤦”. They are almost always busy and barely have time.

What to do.

Teach yourself. Dont slack. Read ahead. Read wide. Read beyond. Dont fail.

The Easy A

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These ones are literally the best. Just amazing. They just dash the marks cos.. Who cares???  We love them. And you will too.

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