TTU: Here’s All You Need To Know About Smartfit Africa’s Afro Vibe And Dance For Charity Event

Hello Kuulpeeps, if you are a student of Takoradi Technical University then you have probably heard about the upcoming Afro Vibe Dance for Charity event being organised by Smartfit Africa.




















We decided to meet up with Kobbie Bryan from Smarfit to tell us what this event is all about.

Kuulpeeps: So what’s up Kobbie

Kobbie Bryn: Normal stezz, Afro Vibe on my mind

Kuulpeeps: Vibe. Speaking of Afro Vibe, exactly what is it

Kobbie Bryn: It’s a dance workshop to generate funds for charity.

Kuulpeeps: So exactly what is Smarfit Africa then, what are you guys all about?

Kobbie Bryn: SmartFit Africa is an NGO who’s major motive is to impact the lives of the less privileged living in our communities. We are made up of individuals who have the betterment of others at heart.

Kuulpeep: Are you all uni students and how long have you been in existence?

Kobbie Bryn: Yes we all are. Most of us are actually students of TTU.

Smartfit has been around for almost a year and a half.

Kuulpeeps: Okay so what made you guys decide on this Afro Vibe initiative?

Kobbie Bryn: We came up with the Afro Vibe dance workshop as a means to generate funds for charity. You would have to pick up a form for 40 cedis on the day of the event in order to join us.

The workshop would be at the Full Fitness Gym every Saturday morning from 8 to 11 am for the rest of the semester.

Kuulpeeps: So who exactly are going to be the teachers for the dance workshop then?

Kobbie Bryn: That will be done by myself and other dancers from Smartfit.








Kuulpeeps: You’ve been speaking a lot about charity, who are the people you plan on reaching out to.

Kobbie Bryn: Well we plan on donating to the Twin City School at Sekondi, street kids around Sekondi and also the School for the Blind and Deaf.

After our fundraising all the items gathered will be distributed among the schools and the kids we find on the streets.

Kuulpeeps: Ok so let’s shift to the Dance for Charity event itself. What are the plans you have?

Kobbie Bryn: Dance for Charity is happening on the 8th of September 2018 at 8’00 am on the TTU tennis court.

It’s going to be an awesome time. Expect great dance, good music and awesome fun cos it’s gonna be power packed. Not forgetting the cause of the event, we are all encouraged to bring in whatever we have to help support the needy.

Anyone who brings a donation gets a Tee-shirt from Smartfit as our way of saying thank you.

Kuulpeeps: Will dancers from Smartfit be the only dancers we would be seeing?







Kobbie Bryn: Well we have guest dancers coming in from different parts of the country to help see this through.

Kuulpeeps: Guest dancers? Care to spill a few names?

Kobbie Bryn: Nope! lol, my lips are sealed wai. Sorry but you would have to come and see for yourselves on the day of the event.

Kuulpeeps: Oh chale, slow

Kobbi Bryn: Lol

Kuulpeeps: Is there any last word you would have for people out there?

Kobbie Bryn: Donate. Let’s reach out to people who don’t have it as we do. You might have clothes you hardly wear now, bring them on the day of the event.

It will be very much appreciated.You can donate in cash or in kind. Clothes, food items, anything that will put smiles on the faces of these ones.

iBeliieve in charity

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God bless all who who will make up their minds to see this initiative through to a successful finish.

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