10 Types Of Roommates You’ll Definitely Meet In The University

Black College Roommates
Mixed race college students relaxing in dorm

By this time you’d have realised that people are very different and interestingly diverse. Somebody can be your best friend, but you realise how different they are when you live under the same roof. Here are the types of roommates we have identified.

  1. The party head.

This squad came to party. They know every party, from Tidal Rave, to Planet X, to Repu to Pent, to Lights Up, to Epilogo, they are there. As if that’s not enough, they can move from Samrit in Cape Coast to the nightclubs at Ahodwo then to the lounges in East Legon in just one night. Porteyy nkoaa!!!

  1. The sex machine.

Lmao see your own room you no dey bed for there like you should. Every time their girlfriend or her boyfriend is around. You respect the code so you leave them alone. Could also be because that’s just how you also are – a bunch of sex machines.

  1. The borrower.

This squad will just suck you dry. They borrow everything. Jack wonni sugar? Charley you get salt? I dey wear your shadda come wae. These are their favourite quotes. They can borrow saaa and forget that they borrowed some of the things they already have. Dude was holding a knife, then he was like yo I go get extra knife. Ah what for my brother ? what for?

  1. The food- thief.

Closely associated with borrowers, but this squad doesn’t ask, that’s it, they f**king don’t ask. The cooker makes ‘’ke’’ and then from nowhere, they appear with a spoon in hand. You could even leave the food to cook, go to lecture and come back with the hopes of finishing what you started, but lo and behold… they’ve done it again.

  1. The possessed cleaner.

Someone is sweeping every time, especially just when he/she finished sweeping… he looks again and he/she aint impressed so yeah he/she sweeps again, cleans the ceiling fan, rearranges the books he just rearranged and sweeps again. Ahh charley sometimes you’ll be eating too oo but naa he/she gotta clean.

  1. The I don’t care people.

You complained about your possessed cleaner and moved in with someone who is not possessed. The room can burn for all he/she cares. Detty be what, nothing concern am oo, naa they just don’t care. When was the last time they washed their plates? Or made an attempt keke to put things in their right places.

  1. The noise-makers.

Yesu!!! Some people love noise, it’s worst when they think they have a shot at being a DJ. You hear terrible scratches all the time, loud trap music or jama sessions and he sings along loudly and hardly recognises that he’s disturbing the whole block. But who are you to complain?

  1. The nerds.

The nerds are cool if you think about it, just don’t worry them when they are studying and you are good. No friends, no music, no movies just a desk, pen and a book. Life shouldn’t be that complicated only a desk, pen and a book, dassor.

  1. The actual roommates.

They don’t go anywhere. They are always in the room, it will just leave you wondering if they write quizzes, exams or know any other building in the college apart from your room. They define what roommates are.

  1. The perfect match.

Awwwnnn aint it just perfect when you and another just get along like that. They have positive spontaneous vibes and it’s just nice. You come back from lectures exhausted and they’ve cooked some nice distin, everything set and they are just waiting for you to come and kill it. Charley the vibes are there like that, you feel like kissing them but lol naa or sometimes guys and guys… lately ahhh well . It’s okay… be good!

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