KNUST : The Diffferent Types Of Girlfriends


We all had teachers back in SHS who always told us we will get all the ladies when we get to the university, wellllll, there is some truth to that and we want to show you the type of girlfriends you will probably come across on campus


We all know ladies like to brag especially about their man.

These girlfriends are just in for the fame and the benefits that come with it. Kings don’t go in for these girls if you not a politician, an artist or some famous Dee bee with a car because you will be bounced!!!!



These types of girlfriends are the dream of every guy on campus.

These type of girlfriends do everything from texting you every morning to making sure you have eaten.  These girlfriends get jealous when they realize you giving more attention to someone else. They never stress you but the sad thing is it’s difficult to get such girls nowadays.



These types of girlfriends love all things fine. They love the expensive dinner dates, the private parties, and the expensive foods. These girls won’t stress you so far as the money keeps flowing. Bro! if you don’t have money don’t go and use your hostel fees to satisfy her.


These girls are very religious and I mean very religious. They follow every single in your relationship, you don’t get a kiss let alone talk about sex. You only get to eat those cookies when you put the ring on her finger. And they don’t like it when you don’t go to church on Sundays, they start sending reminders on Thursday before Sunday comes.


These types of girlfriends are always demanding and commanding. She dictates your every move from the way you dress, the way you talk and the people you can relate with. These types of girlfriends never accept defeat, they are always right. If you want peace of mind avoid these types of girlfriends.

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