How Well Do You Know Miss UEW? Tell Us!


Charley, we’re not always about the kokonsa and fun. Show us how good you can recollect information.

In which year was the maiden edition of Miss UEW held?

Who is the reigning queen of Miss UEW?

How many ladies were evicted before the grande finale in 2018?

What was the theme for Miss UEW 2018?

Which of the following brands was the main sponsor for Miss UEW 2017?

Which runner-up from Miss UEW won a sash and a crown at Miss USAG?

Who was the Chaperone for the maiden edition of Miss UEW

Whose designs were showcased at Miss UEW 2017?

Who was the MC for Miss UEW 2017?

Whose initiative is Miss UEW?


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