Here Are The Types Of People You Are Likely To Meet At Group Meetings

Everyone has at least done one presentation, either for academic purposes or social ones. In SHS you probably did a group presentation, if that scared you, well the university is even worse.

Below are some people you are bound to meet in a group presentation and how to co-exist and work effectively with them.

The Group Father/Mother

This is your typical mother/father figure of the group. He/she is in charge of organizing the group for the meeting, appointed by himself/herself. This person complains bitterly when work is not done and threatens to exclude the names of the lazy ones.

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He/she is sometimes silent during the actual presentation or spearheads it.

When working with the ‘Group Father/Mother’ one has to be very cooperative and tolerant, because admit it, they can get a little overzealous sometimes.

The I Cannot Come and Kill Myself 

This wonderful specimen are the ones we see on the day of the presentation and ask ourselves, “when was he part of the group?”

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This strapping gentleman (it is almost always a guy – sorry guys) who shows up on the day of presentation either

  • Doesn’t know the group he belongs to.
  • Isn’t properly dressed or is shabbily dressed.
  • Has no idea what the topic is or even the course the presentation is on.

Working with people like this is very stressful and mostly painful.

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A lot of us hate doing most of the work and see someone else take credit for it.

Speak to such persons or warn if necessary, to help out with the presentation. After all there is no I in TEAM.

The I Don’t Care

These people (mostly girls – sorry ladies but you are known for this) are similar to the ‘I cannot come and kill mysef’ squad.

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They do show up for group meetings, mostly so people will see them present, but they do not share any information. When they talk, which is occasionally, they have an iota of knowledge on the group topic.

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They mostly show up late and have an ‘adoncare’ vibe.

On the day of the presentation, however, they dress to impress and are mostly in the middle of the group.

People like this must be pushed an extra mile to obtain the information they carry.

Madam/Mister Speaker

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These select group of people are mostly the English Gurus.

They are mostly in glasses or have a very ‘dada ba’ vibe to them.

The people are automatically appointed speakers or leaders in every group presentation. They are usually bright students.

Working with these people is very easy, all you have to do is feed them excess information and sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

The Divas

These people are the fashion-forward members of the group, all they think of is how to present to the members of the group. They come to meetings to tell people what to wear and how to talk on the day of presentation after all beauty without brains is worthless.

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Dealing with these people has its ups and downs. They are usually up for being the front or face of the group. They can also get nasty when things do not go their way.

The Neutrals

Most people fall into this category. They are the neutrals. They come to meetings often but not always, they sometimes repeat already said ideas and thus are quiet. They do not care as to how the presentation goes, all they need is a C to pass the course.

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People like this should be avoided when important presentations are to be done. Otherwise, they do not bother anyone.

Now you know the squad you’re gonna encounter during group meetings. Where do you fall, though?

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