Here Are 9 Ghanaian YouTubers You Should Definitely Subscribe To

There is a YouTube Channel for every interest you have, even those you didn’t think you had. Many people have created channels in hopes of eventually monetizing them and getting ‘internet famous’. Well, here are some of the Ghanaian YouTubers doing well in what they do.

  1. Ama Governor

Remember the whole controversy about the girl who proposed to her boyfriend at the Accra Mall and was rejected? Oh, you don’t? Then click here.

Well, she is as controversial as they get with contents such as a Pregnancy Prank on her Mother and Revealing that she is a Bisexual Christian. I know right! She definitely deserves the number one spot.

2. Kiki and Jay

Who doesn’t know the lovebirds in Ghana who have decided to flaunt their affection for each other in everyone’s face? Their followers are called JK squad. On their channel, they prank each other and do different challenges. They’ve used the platform they have to create a business for themselves by marketing a Kiki and Jay merchandise.

3. Edem Fiawosime

She was the first runner-up for Miss Malaika 2016. She is a Lifestyle Vlogger and her content includes makeup tutorials, story times and beauty pageant tips.

4. Ohemaa Amponsah

If you’re a Twitter freak like we are you would know the Ohemaa we are talking about. The lady who posted that ‘smash or pass’ video which infuriated a lot of guys on the app. She was trending the whole day. Her content includes smash or pass, of course, drunk makeup challenge and a travel series.

5. Nii and Aj

They are also love vloggers and have content such as dance videos, pranks, and tutorials.

6. Laura and Lauretta

These twins are pretty, they are funny and they are talented! They’re the owners of ‘The TwinStore‘ on Instagram.  Their content includes makeup tutorials and challenges.

7. Cassie Khendra

Her content includes makeup tutorials and challenges.

8. Graben O

She is a lifestyle vlogger and posts content including events and challenges

9. Ghfoodie 101

He is a foodie and so he brings you content about, of course, food. All ye foodians, this is the blog for you.

Don’t forget to subscribe when you check their channels out.

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