Going To The Movies This Weekend? Check Out The 8 Types Of People You Meet At The Movies.

Pop corn with soda and movie shows

Sitting in the cinema with your friends/date, munching on popcorn and sipping your favourite drink as you watch your favourite actors is a mood for the weekend. The Movies serve as a place to relax and take yourself into a fictional world where everything is perfect. Well since you aren’t the only one heading to the movies this weekend, here are 8 types of people you will meet there.

1. The Narrator

Need I elaborate? The label should tell you everything you need to know about this person. He/she describes everything in the movie. At first it could be fun, but eventually, it gets annoying as you would have to choose between listening to the person and concentrating on the movie.

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2. The Questioner

This particular person is always confused about something. He/she asks so many questions it gets annoying. “Where is he going? Why is he going there? Will he be killed? They’re going to kill him right?” Uuuummm relax homie! We are both watching the movie at the same time. I didn’t help write the storyline!

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3. The Over-Analyzer

This person evaluates every single thing in the movie. The frustrating thing is that they are not thinking to themselves. Rather, they are whispering it into your ears forcing you to listen to them and not concentrate on the movie. Nobody cares that it isn’t logically possible! It’s fiction!!

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4. The Texter

This person keeps checking her phone every.single.minute. The brightness from the screen alone is annoying. They sometimes even have the guts to answer phone calls in the theatre. What is even more frustrating is when they finish whatever they are doing on their phones and come back to ask for updates on the movie. If you didn’t want to watch the movie why then did you come along?!

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5. The Couples

It’s as if the theatre is an extension for them. The holding of hands and the occasional peck on the cheek is normal, but for this over-affectionate couple, they want to go all the way. Get. A. Room!

6. The Loud Chewer

It’s just popcorn! How do you chew that so loudly??!

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7. The Sleeper

The place is just an extension of their beds. After the first 30minutes of the movie, it’s not surprising to hear light snores from this person and he/she wouldn’t wake up until the final 15 minutes or even the end of the movie. I mean, how do you waste money like this?

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8. The Ideal One

This is the best person to go for a movie date with. They don’t start random conversations during the movie and don’t ask unnecessary and random questions either. They are just perfect.

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Guilty of any of these pet peeves? Let us know.

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