GIJ: Let’s Tell You 5 Types Of Freshers You Would Meet During Lectures.

It’s a new academic year.

A season of freshmen is upon us.

Here at Kuulpeeps, we make sure we guide freshmen so they have a wonderful stay in the various institutions they find themselves.

Today, we are going to tell you 5 Types Of Freshers you would meet in a lecture hall.

Grab a pen and paper!

1. The I Know It All Freshman.

These guys usually answer every question asked in class. They are also part of every heated argument that occurs in class.

Majority of them feel their ideas and opinions are the best, hence everyone must adhere to it.

2. The Talkatives

Every noise or murmur in class is from these guys. They take advantage of every slight opportunity to make noise.

They contribute less in class too.

3. The Quiet Freshmen.


Even if you ask these guys ” How are you”, they respond with either a smile or nod.

With regards to their few contributions in class, the issue isn’t that they have no idea about the topic, they just feel being quiet is the right thing.

Shyness can also be a reason.

4. The Holy Freshmen.

If a discussion is ongoing in class and it’s related to anything that talks against Christianity, then be ready for war.

These guys also answer questions or give opinions based on their Christian faith or belief.

5. The Late Comers

Even if the lecturer comes into the lecture hall 1 hour after time, this type of freshers will still be late.

Most of them stay around, yet can’t avoid being late.


Charley you just have to accept them for who they are.


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