GIJ: Here Are 5 Important Things You Are Required To Do Before Any Lecture.

Studying isn’t really fun for some of us.

Even going for lectures sometimes is a headache because we aren’t prepared.

Today we are going to help you solve the issue of unpreparedness by giving you 5 things you should do before lectures begin.

You make ready?

Yenkor eh!

1. Get to the lecture hall 30 mins before time.

Attending lectures in a haste isn’t the best thing to do. You need to relax both the mind and body before entering the lecture hall.

It’s advisable you do that 30minutes before lectures start.

2. Be ready for the lecture.

Make sure you are prepared for the lecture. Check if you have all the necessary things you need for the lecture. These may include slides, handouts or textbooks.

3. Go through lecture notes or previous slides.

Going through the previous slides or notes before the lecture goes a long way in making you extra prepared for the lecture.

Also, you might find assignments which you might have forgotten in the slides or notes.

Cultivating the habit of going through your slides and notes will also give you a fair idea on what the lecture of the day will be about.

4. Put your phone on silence mode or switch off your phone to avoid disturbing the class.

Always remember to switch off your phone or put it on silence before the lecture begins. Doing that will avoid destructions during lectures.

Also, some lectures might walk you out for disturbing the lecture, so take note.

5. Carry bottled water along.

Sitting in a lecture hall for 2 or 3 hours straight can be very tiring. You might end up getting dehydrated in the process.

Carry a bottle of water along to avoid walking out of class, which might destruct the class.

We hope these few points go along way in preparing you for every lecture.

Good luck!

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