7 Daddy Lumba Hit Songs You Had No Business Singing as a Kid

Daddy Lumba is one of the kings of highlife. He was a big hit in his time and was a master with words!!! He blessed us with 22 albums, all of which he wrote and produced and to be honest, no one except Ebony can get away with singing profane songs and having these very songs played at every program including children’s parties like the sexy DL. Take a look at 7 of his songs which hit across the country but subtly contained the most sexually explicit words you could ever imagine!


In this song, Daddy Lumba is just saying “Hey if you are looking for me and you can’t find me, I’m probably enjoying some dope ass sex” What did you think tokromu (hole) meant?

Ase3 Ho

He featured Borax, rapper extraordinaire at that time!! In this song, let’s call it a duet, Lumba and this girl sing about how much they love each other and promised marriage to each other. It’s cute huh? well, they include that after the wedding, what happens? Ase3 hor!!! And if anyone comes knocking at the door, you will be ignored because…men at work!

Ride Me

The song was also known as Pony and the video was actually banned from TV because of its explicit nature. Daddy Lumba didn’t play on this track at all and we have no words for this! Just watch the video.

Aben waha

Lumba melodiously tells us that when his food is ready (Aben waha), even if his baby cries, he’s going to ignore it because nothing can distract him when he’s eating…you barb? This man clearly loves his women!!

Dr Panie

In this song, Daddy Lumba beautifully sang about a nice young man who was using his big package to seduce all the girls he meets and of course the ladies loved this young man with the big stuff!! “Odi ade papa de gye nkrofuor ade3!!”

Woho Kyer3

So, the songs about how Daddy Lumba’s woman keeps declining anything he offers. Water kraa she said no until he gave her the ”good meat” and that was when she said “m3re wo ama wasa“(she will eat him till she finishes everything). Oh and he said everything she has is his and it’s because of the sweetness of her ermm pudding that he loves her so much!!

A Plus

This song is just about Daddy Lumba telling his lover what to expect at 6pm, tonight!! oh and he does a lot of bragging about his sexual prowess “Me down down, A Plus!!”

It’s funny how most of us sang these songs all the time and we didn’t even know half of what it meant! Daddy Lumba was a lyrical genius!

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