5 Alumni Who Would Definitely Be “A Problem” If They Were Still On Campus As Freshers Arrive

We’re coming to “help” the helpless, as we are the voice of the voiceless too.lol

On Today’s episode of  “being DISRUPTIVE”, we’ll be serving y’all with photos of alumni who you’ll definitely be hiding your girls from.

DISCLAIMER: We’re not saying these alumnus are womanizers or anything but there’s no doubt they are GOOD LOOKING.

Image result for oh yes he's cute pinterest gif

okay, let’s start…but see we won’t add names or handles erh, if you don’t know them just take screenshots of the pictures and be drooling over them.lol.

The “I have 6 packs” Guy

The “She likes my smile” ones

“Oh yeah, I play basketball”



“I have all the gigs” We didn’t add the one you were expecting erh…forgive and forget. If you are on this list too erh, just know that we love you from the depth of kuulio’s glasses, lol.

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