You Should Be Aware Of These Things If You Want To Read Procurement As A Course At Methodist University

These are basic things you need to know if you opted for Procurement. It’s not to scare you but to keep you on your toes. You have to stay woke!

Do not take them lightly. Take note of them and you’re guaranteed a great experience.

1. Your grading system is different than that of others.

Procurement students do not use the same grading as other Legon accredited courses.

2. Your results will not appear immediately, they have to be approved by UCC first.

All other courses may have their results published in the portal but Procurement students results will have to be approved by UCC before it reflects in the portal.

3. You need to study harder.

Everyone will say studying is a must for every course, yes we know, but as a procurement student, you need to study extra harder… Do this and thank us later.

4. Do not joke with Mid-Semester Examinations.

Mid-semester exams are not to be joked with at all as a Procurement student, because it takes 40% of the overall mark which will determine your grades. You don’t want to lose a whole 40 marks, do you? Even if you get 60/60 in exams which is veryyy rare, you’ll still carry a  grade C.

5. Assignments, Presentations, Participating In Class, Being In Class

These are very critical if you want to bag a good grade. Always submit assignments on time. Presentations are a priority, try and say something in the class and always be present! It’s a principle.

This is it for Procurement students, all the best! Make sure you keep this and work with it, it’s going to help a lot.

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