PHOTOS: Meet Dija, The Girl Who Ibrah The Young Millionaire Secretly Married

Ibrah Dija LaBelle

Ibrah is known on the streets as the young rich guy with quite the reputation of being a hard guy.

Move to his Instagram account and you will see him and his flashy cars and pictures of him having fun with his kids – the family guy.

However, the hard guy with no dedicated woman seems to have got his heart stolen by one gorgeous looking woman.

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Knowing all the stress that will definitely come with having someone like Ibrahim Dauda, popularly known as Ibrah, as a husband, she chose to say “I do”.

Ibrah’s wife Dija LaBelle, is a former Beauty Queen. She was crowned as Miss Guinea USA in 2009 according to her private Instagram account bio.

Dija and Ibrah already have four kids.

They two reportedly signed their marriage certificate low key a couple of days ago.

Ibrah Dija LaBelle Ibrah Dija LaBelle

Let’s introduce you to Dija, the girl who stole Ibrah’s heart.

Ibrah Dija LaBelle

Ibrah Dija LaBelle

Ibrah Dija LaBelle Ibrah Dija LaBelle

Ibrah Dija LaBelle

Mrs Dauda got the sauce!!!

Photo credit: Ibrah (Instagram).

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