KNUST:Here Is What Continuing Students Had To Say About September Rush

For the freshers bet you’ ve heard a lot about September rush saaa, allow me to explain what all that noise is about.

It is when the mangoes (first years, mostly girls) are ripe for the picking by “the dons” AKA continuing students. With your goody two shoes behaviors and naivety you become the perfect prey for the dons, it’s like you have a tag that reads donkomi ooo donko mi a ben wo ha. And they come with their strongest game to get you into their fold.

Let me tell you of some September rush stories others experienced in their first year and


So I was on my way to my room in indece when this guy approached me, he was even with other people. They were from a church and where inviting people to their service. As we were talking Mr suggested we take a walk whiles talking and I was like cool, I didn’t have anything to do, it was the second week or so and besides he is papa osofo he won’t play the fool. He asked me out after the walk and “talk” and I told him I would think about it. So Mr. used to call me and all things were moving on fine, until I went to visit my friend one day and we got talking, you know girls girls stuff only for us to realize Mister was playing both of us.


Lol well I remember during orientation, people just wanted to take pictures with me and I didn’t even know them that was the funny part, They’ll just  come and say  oh can I take  a picture with you , so I took a lot of pictures that day and there was one where my boyfriend then told a guy that he won’t allow me to and that guy looked so sad, he just walked away ,I felt bad but it was funny, And after people got my number which I don’t know how.


Hmm first year is not a very fond memory for me. When I got to uni erh, I felt I was a big girl I can handle myself. No one can tell me what to do. There was no day that a boy won’t ask for my number and all and so I was feeling very pompous. Within a month or 2 I don’t really remember I already had a boyfriend, he was very sweet and all. I had people telling me that it was all happening too fast and that I should take things slow and that hadn’t I heard about September rush ,I ignored them all. Eventually I did sleep with him and that was the end of or relationship. Me what pains me most of all is that he was my first.


September rush didn’t really barb me, even if it did I dint really have a painful memory of it like some people I know, I met my current boyfriend when I was in first year. As for me it’s more like I didn’t really know there was term like that, I thought it was just normal for people to ask me out abi you know boys dier.



 I don’t even know if this can be classified as a September rush experience but there was this girl I met in first year, she was my senior course mate. She was the one that actually moved to me and I won’t lie I was happy. A first year boy going out with a 3rd year girl, so you can imagine how accomplished I felt especially, when I was with my friends. I really used to spend a lot on her ,in my foolish way of thinking I thought that was the key to a successful relationship I didn’t want to lose her .Later I found out that  I was the side guy, the Mr. out as she labeled me to her friends


So that is what September rush is mostly about and hoped the experience gave you a real feel of it and  my dear fresher’s before you enter uni remove the rose colored glasses and shine your eyes.

Stay woke.



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