A Number Of Facebook Users Are Calling For A Boycott Of Celsbridge Because Of This


It is the age of social media, companies must know that when they don’t give their customers the best of care, their dirty linen will be washed in public on social media.

Celsbridge Restaurant and Bar located in Labone is the latest company that is being dragged on the streets of social media.


Their misfortune started when the award-winning journalist with the Daily Graphic, Mabel Aku Baneseh placed a call to Celsbridge to order for pizza and salad.

When she went to pick up the order that cost GHS 69, she presented two GHS 50 notes to the sales girl.

According to a Facebook post on Mabel’s timeline, the sales girl took the note into the manager’s office who returned with her to meet Mabel.

The manager, reportedly told Mabel that her money will not be accepted because there were defaced.

Mabel said when the female “manager appeared and following transpired between the two of us:

Manager: We are sorry we cannot accept the money

Me: Why? I took it from a transaction and I expect your bank to also accept it because we both don’t manufacture money

Manager: I am sorry we cannot accept it. We pay our suppliers directly.

Me: You mean a whole Celsbridge doesn’t have a bank account?

Manager: Yes.

She started to inspect the two notes to see if she can accept one.”

According to Mabel, that was when she took her notes back and gave them new ones to pay for her order.

Since she shared her story, people have been calling out Celsbridge for rejecting Mabel’s initial money.

Social media has no cool…

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