The SRC Of KNUST Speaks On The Conversion Of Traditional Halls Of The University Into Mixed Halls

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST) has issued a press release responding to questions of their role in the change of the two male halls of the university into mixed halls.

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Below is the full press release:


Fellow students, we greet you all and we hope you are in good health. Over the past few weeks, a series of events have taken place that has called into question the standing of the Council as a chief advocative body of the entire student populace.

  1. The purpose of this discourse is to clear the air about all the various misconceptions that have risen over the past few months and reassure students of our unwavering commitment to seek the interest of students before anything else.
  2. In governance, there exists transition and in this process, incoming administrations inherit and continue policies. When we took over administration, we were confronted with a number of policies already in the works, some very positive and others very disagreeable. An example of the former is the 24-hour library and of the latter is the conversion of two male halls.
  3. The plan to convert the two male halls was far-advanced by the time we assured office but as an SRC, we fought tooth and nail to arrive at a resolution which was reflective of the interest of the common student. Attempts were made to revisit and review the decision with the administration but these dragged on for months with no end in sight.
  4. When the two halls decided to take up the university management on a legal front, the SRC did not just stand and watch but rather continued exhausting all means to turn the heat on management to let them rescind their decision but all to no avail. Finally, in a last ditch effort to salvage what was left of our case as a Council, we petitioned major stakeholders on the matter including the President of the Republic and called on various houses; a move that is yet to bear fruit.
  5. It is understandable for students to be aggrieved on recent matters given the nature of the turn of events. The court ruling on the injunction did not go as expected but we do not need to bow our heads at this moment and the Council continues to remain in touch with all student leaders to deliberate on the way forward.
  6. If there was any better time for us to be united, now is the time and we call on all students to stand together now more than ever. There have been rumours of the SRC pleading with University management. We emphatically state that this information is false and must be disregarded.
  7. We hereby also state that the speculation of prescribed uniforms for students is false. Until an official communique is released by the SRC on such matters, students are encouraged to treat with contempt any kind of information they come across.
  8. Also, news on the consolidation of all association accounts have also been making waves in recent weeks and the Council would like to inform all students that the decision was made on the grounds of a directive issued from the Ministry of Finance to enhance transparency and easy auditing in the running of all university accounts. This policy has long been implemented in other institutions of higher learning in the country.
  9. The Council would also use this opportunity to inform all continuing students that they are to go by the 2017/2018 fees schedule when making payment for this upcoming academic year.
  10. The battle is not over. The SRC has fought and will continue fighting for the common good of all students.


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