If You Are In ATU Then You Will Definitely Know These Students

ATU is a very busy campus with hectic academic schedules. It is amazing that out of all that stress, some students are able to stand out and are very popular among their colleagues.

Here are the popular people we came across on campus.

He is a level 200 student of purchasing and supply department. He is a handsome guy with a very lovely smile. This boy can roam the whole campus within 30 minutes. Just mention his name in the air and he will appear. Take time to check his Instagram handle@b_chiino


He is handsome, gentle and very sexy. Hmm!!! Just a look at him will make you fall in love with him. No wonder he dated the hottest girl on campus. Ladies hit him up fast before you get overtaken.@blafestus


Bless, IG@k.e.n.k.e.y_s.m.o.o.t.h.i.e is a level 200 student, he became popular when he contested for the class rep position of his class but lost badly.

Ben, Hmmm this boy loves shades. He is a level 300 student of the purchasing and supply department and a very interesting person. Just say “the boy who wears shades every day” and everybody understands. Check out his IG@benjamin_obiri_ohene


Lud, @ludbwoy, This boy is just popular. The walkings, talking, sneakers just name them. He owns a car which will drop your jaw.


He is a level 300 student. He is a very jovial person. He can make you break your ribs. He can link up with him through IG@bra.smoke

Jordan, a level 200 student. He is a jovial, intelligent and also the Kuulppeps rep for the school. So you can hit him up on IG @qwesi_mawutor about any entertainment program running on campus and he will be there.

If you think you know someone popular than these people… Make your list too and we will publish it!!!


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