Here Is The Profound Thing Kevin Okyere Said After The Forbes Article About His $1 Billion Oil Company Went Viral

Kevin Okyere

Kevin Okyere is the epitome of the real Ghanaian who shows us the best ways to grind and make it.

Though he came from a well to do family, Kevin told Forbes in the interview that he knew he had to work to make his own money.

He built his $1 billion oil company from the ground up in Ghana, he has already secured lucrative contracts in Nigeria and today, the Springfield Energy company he founded is the only wholly-owned Ghanaian company that has been given an oil block to drill crude oil in Ghana’s oil fields off the coast of the Western Region

Kevin’s achievement was recently celebrated by the international financial magazine, Forbes, in an article that has since gone viral.

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Many have congratulated Kevin and celebrated him for venturing into unchartered territory and making a success of it.

For many, he is a hero to the young Ghanaian entrepreneur who needs inspiration and a torchbearer to lead the way and prove that it is indeed possible.

Though Kevin must have known when he granted an interview to Forbes that he would be thrust into the public eye the moment the story was published, he couldn’t have been entirely prepared for the sheer amount of feedback he has been receiving since Monday.

Writing on his Instagram, Kevin said “the response from the @forbes article has been phenomenal, and I appreciate the support. I’ll never underestimate the impact I may have on someone else’s life; near or far.”

He said, “there have been many requests for mentorship, and I’m truly humbled.”

For us, the most profound part of his statement was when he said: “my team and I have built an Entrepreneurship Forum; we are also diligently working on a program around mentorship. My goal will always be to help develop more leaders.”

That is so commendable – Kevin is willing to mentor other young people who are also on the path to achieving great success such as his or even bigger than his.

We are here for this…

Kevin is definitely a Kuulpeep.

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