GIJ: Don’t Be The Wandering Fresher. Here’s A List Of Lecture Halls On Campus And Where To Find Them

We’ve all had days where we just seemed not to find the lecture hall. This becomes stressful and tiring, but don’t worry, Kuulpeeps has got every information you need.

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On campus, we’ve got four blocks: A, B, C & D

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Lecture HallsLocation
A1Located on the top floor on the Block A sharing the same block with the E-library
A2Located opposite Block D it also shares with the Administration block.
B1Located on the ground floor of Block B


B2Located on the first floor of Block B


B3Also, the Master’s lecture hall, located on the first floor of block B adjacent to B2
C1Located on the ground floor of Block C. The Block C is adjacent to Block B
C2Located on the first floor of Block C


C3Located adjacent to C2 of the Block C building. It is also a conference Hall
C4Located on the top Floor of the Block C


D1Located on the First floor of the Block D, it’s also the Maters Lecture Hall


D2Located Adjacent D1 on the same floor


D3Located on the second floor of Block D


D5Located on the Top floor of Block D


Now you won’t enter a wrong lecture hall looking all confused. Yeah yeah, we know, we just saved y’all some huge embarrassment. You’re welcome.

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