13 Accurate Tweets That Prove That Sex Is Not All That

You these naughty children having sex all over and thinking it’s the best thing ever, SURPRISE!!! People on Twitter want yáll to know that SEX IS NOT ALL THAT!! There are some really great stuff that beat the feeling of ramming your private parts into each other!


food is life!!

Genuinely great friends are everything!

Lol Ladies know how stressful it can be rocking dem heels! They look great but the ankles suffer!

It’s so satisfying!

The sleep just get’s better!


The joy! Like…where has this music been all my life?


There’s no money to be going anywhere anyways!


That’s when you know they’re falling in love!


and they all actually show up! Those are Unicorn moments…very rare!


Hope some telcos see this and understand!


Charley! That feeling!


It’s so hard getting this without getting blocked these days!



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