Men Love Being Men But Here Are 8 Things They Secretly Envy About Women

We all…sorry…most of us love who we are (male and female) but sometimes, just sometimes, there’s something we wish we could do as the opposite sex. We invaded the minds of a couple of men and found out what they see women have or do that makes them wish for fleeting moments that ughhhh if only…

No Uncomfortable erections

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Ladies can be horny AF but no one will be able to tell. Yes, your nipples may become hard but half the time, our bras are covering them up. If not, it’s easy to write it off as you being cold but guys, on the other hand, have to master the art of putting their hands in their pockets and making sure that they keep their lower region out of sight until little bobby calms down.


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What looks like stress to some women is most guy’s dream. They are so fascinated by boobs and think it’s amazing that you get to see yours 24/7.

Easy Sex

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Face it, ladies, it’s so easy getting some when you’re in the schmood!! Know why? cos men are hoes!! They are ever ready unlike men who’d have to woo girls first

You can be emotional

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Girls have the luxury of crying at any time and it’s ”awww” but when a boy cries, it’s over for him cos he’s a pussy!!

More Fashion choices

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Ladies have more clothing options than men. We’ve got skirts, dresses, shorts, trousers in all forms and designs but men…shorts and pants, shirts and tees and that’s all.

 Multiple Orgasms

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So guys have something called the refractory period where they have to have breaks or rest after each orgasm cos yeahhhh the ade3 no must refuel but for ladies, there’s nothing that needs to get reproduced. You can cum and cum and cum 5 times in a row and you’re good to go!

Flaws? What’s that?

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No one is ugly. We are all beautiful in our own unique way but sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look extra or trying to hide a lil flaw you don’t feel comfy with. Lucky for women, it’s easy to just hide some scars you hate seeing with makeup. Large ears? fix dem extra long weaves and be fine but for guys…irregular shaped head? lmao, no one cares. Get that haircut and expose it even more!

Support system

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When a guy goes through some serious breakup, his friends are likely to just say “here take a beer and let’s play FIFA. You’d be fine. Women are trash” but ladies get to have about five friends who’d listen to you rant, cry, scream. They’d rub your back and give long speeches that’d make you feel better.

Ladies…these are the superpowers you get to enjoy while men look at you enviously!!

Step Out with some extra swag and be GREAT!!!

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