Methodist University: These Tips Will Help You Identify Lecture Halls In No Time.

You just secured admission and don’t know how to get to lectures?

You may seem lost on campus, wondering where lectures are held, names of blocks, how to identify them…Don’t worry, we got you!!

Kuulpeeps Methodist University is here to solve all the problems pertaining to finding lecture rooms.

First of all, let’s help you identify certain abbreviations.

North Wing (NW), South Wing (SW), East Wing (EW), West Wing (WW)… These blocks are opposite each other at the faculty.

You’ll also come across First Floor (FF), Second Floor (SF), Third floor (TF) in addition.

The rooms are numbered, therefore you will see Room 1 (R1), Room 2 (R2), R3, R4 and so on.

Now when you see NWSFR1 on the academic timetable, We’re sure you’ll be able to identify it now. This simply means North Wing Second Floor Room 1.

Note that all lectures are held at the Faculty.

Kuul Fresher, you’re now ready to hit the streets!!! All the best.

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