ATU: How To Get To Your Lecture Hall Without Stress

Hey Freshers!!

You don’t have to roam the whole campus and miss your first lecture before locating your lecture hall.

Here is the list of lecture halls and their locations.

NameDepartments That PatronizeLocation
Electrical BlockMostly Electrical department and Non-HNDAdjacent the school clinic
Management BlockMostly ManagementIn front of the engineering block
Business Administration BlockMostly AdministrationOpposite the conference Hall
Engineering BlockMostly EngineeringBehind the Management Block
Science Laboratory TechnologyMostly Science Laboratory TechnologyAt the main gate
SecretaryshipMostly SecretarialAdjacent the Electrical Block
Fashion and designMostly FashionBehind the Electrical block

Hope you don’t get lost on campus.

We wish you all the best at the Accra Technical University.

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