7 Things You Might Have Missed At Chalewote 2018

If you weren’t at Chalewote this weekend, you missed a lot.

If you were there, we’re quite sure you missed certain things.

Let’s share with you some of the things you might have missed at the festival.

The President

The president of the Republic of Ghana was at Chalewote 2018. He arrived later in the day on Saturday and witnessed a couple of art on display.

The School-Man

We bet you didn’t see this old man in our traditional ‘kokonte’ school uniform.

The Show Boys

Is there ever an event without these guys? Oya show body!

Malaika Girls

This year’s Miss Malaika contestants were at Chalewote too with all the beauty and glamour.

The Best Art Display

There were so much art on display at Chalewote, but the picture above was the best. The display showed a naked man in bondage.

What A Beautiful Popcorn Box. 

The least said about this, the better. If you know you know…

The Smurfs

Did you know these smurfs were at Chalewote?

The Biggest Sneaker In The World

We don’t know which shipping company made this large-sized sneaker, but well it’s Chalewote and anything is possible.

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