Legon: All You Need To Know About UGRCs As A Fresher.

UGRCs are simply University of Ghana Required Courses. In an SHS graduate’s term, Core courses.

These are the courses every single student is supposed to offer, irrespective of their programme of study.

Remember how you used to do English, Core Maths, Social Studies and Integrated Science in SHS, regardless of the course you offer? Yes, that’s what UGRCs are in Legon.

Failing one of these courses or inability to register for even one of these courses means that you would not graduate Legon at all, even if you have done all your other courses.

The good news though is that these courses can be taken at any level in the university. You don’t necessarily have to do it in Level 100, you can take it in level 300, just make sure you actually do it.

The university provides a link when registration for UGRCs open. However, just like the hall of residence, this one too is a war fight, because it is not just Freshers fighting, but continuing students who could not register in Level 100.

To register, you would need the UGRC timetable. You would also need to take note of the Course, the Course Code, time and the group Number you select because you would need those in the exams hall.

The UG Required Courses for level 100 Include:

Course CodeCourse TitleTarget Group
UGRC 110Academic Writing IAll students
UGRC 120Numeracy SkillsStudents in the Humanities except those offering Economics, Computer Science,    Mathematics,  Statistics and Business Administration
UGRC 131/136Understanding Human Societies


Students in the Basic and Applied Sciences
UGRC 141- 146*Science and Technology in our  LivesStudents in the Humanities
UGRC 150Critical Thinking and Practical ReasoningAll Students
UGRC 160Introduction to LiteratureStudents in the Humanities offering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics and Business Administration
UGRC 170General MathematicsStudents in the Humanities offering Economics

NOT for students with Economics and Mathematics/Statistics subject combinations.

As usual, we will keep you updated on when the portal for registration is opened.



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