Heya Fresher, Here’s The List Of Lecture Halls In Takoradi Technical University


Finding you way around new environments can be quite stressful, trust me, we’ve all been there before.

Imagine asking people for directions on your first day of lectures!

We can’t have that now, can we? But hey, we are here to make it easier for you.

Get to know where’s where. Here’s a list of all Lecture Halls on campus.

Statistics Block Next to the Administration Block
Rooftop Next to the Hospitality Department
Restaurant 1 Hospitality Block
Restaurant 2 Hospitality Block
Restaurant 3 Hospitality Block
Plumbing Room 1 Mechanical Engineering Block
Plumbing Room 2 Mechanical Engineering Block
Room 9 Annan Block
Room 12 Annan Block
Room 15 Annan Block
OPS Room 1 In front of Mechanical Engineering Block
OPS Room 2 In front of Mechanical Engineering Block
Graphics IT LAB SAA Block
Civil Engineering Block In front of Ahanta Hall
IT Lab 1 & 2 Auditorium Block
GF1 Opposite Getfund Hall (BU Campus)
GF2 Opposite Getfund Hall (BU Campus)
FS1 Opposite Getfund Hall (BU Campus)
FS2 Opposite Getfund Hall (BU Campus)
FS3 Opposite Getfund Hall (BU Campus)
SF1 Opposite Getfund Hall (BU Campus)
SF2 Opposite Getfund Hall (BU Campus)
CF1 Opposite Getfund Hall (BU Campus)
SAA Block Behind the Civil Engineering Block

Here at TTU, all lecture halls also serve as examination halls so be informed.

Where you study is also where you sit exams.

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