Dear Ashesi Freshman, You Will Need These For Your College Dorm

Dear Ashesi Freshman,

Kuulpeeps Ashesi knows you are planing on carrying your whole wardrobe to campus. Don’t get lost in the whole excitement on packing and getting ready to storm campus with your presence. You should bring these items along. You cannot do without them.

Get your pens and paper, ipads, Microsoft One Notes ready, and start listing.

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A duvet is a must-have due to the cold and windy weather at Brekuso. If you leave the house without it, you would have to sleep with loads of blankets.

Cable cords and HDMI cable

If you are bringing a TV to your hostel dorm, then you will need an HDMI cable because you cannot install an antenna to stream local channels. The HDMI cable allows you to connect your laptop to the TV so you enjoy your Netflix and chill.

Extension boards

You cannot do without these in your dorm, because the sockets are limiting. And also, you would be sharing the few sockets with your other roommates, so you will need an extension board.

Under bed storage

For girls especially, we always bring along excess items. It will be wise to use up the empty space under the bed to store some items. You can also keep your shoes, sneakers, and slippers, under the bed instead of getting a shoe rack, which might take up a lot of space.

Bathroom slippers

You will definitely share a bathroom with one other person or two or three other persons. And you don’t know what it is they do in the bathroom aside showering. So get a pair of bathroom slippers to protect those clean feet of yours after using the bathroom.

Shower bag

You will definitely be sharing the bathroom with other people. So you might want to keep your soap, sponge, and other items in one place. After bathing, you carry your bag back to the room in one peace.

Plastic containers and bowls

Get plastic bowls with lids, and microwave friendly. You will need them because the cafeterias on campus, Akonor and Big Ben close their services by 9pm. So you need something for the stomach, if you are doing an all-night.

Insecticide and bug spray

There are lots of insects on the hill, so you will need an insecticide or bug spray just in case. Fumigation exercises occur regularly on campus. For off-campus hostels; not really. So you will need it.

Air freshener

You always want your dorm to smell rosy and refreshing. So you will need a couple of air fresheners in your room, to remove the stuffiness in the room.

Command strips and command hooks

On-campus and off campus-hostels do not allow students to hammer nails or whatnot into the wall to hang their belongings. Using command strips and hooks is a better alternative because they don’t cause damage to the walls.

Desk lamp

You will need a desk lamp. Sometimes you may want to study throughout the night for a quiz or finish up an assignment, and you will definitely need the lights. But then, your roommate cannot sleep with the lights on, that is when the desk lamp comes in handy.

Snacks and water

You cannot pack your suitcases without having some snacks and boxes of water included. During your all-night sessions, you will need something to keep up that energy, and that is when snack come in handy. Buying water from campus can be expensive. It is better to bring in a couple of boxes from home.

Happy packing !!!


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