TTU: Here Are Major Campus Events You Must Know About

Every school has certain activities which are bound to occur every year. They have become part and parcel of the school’s culture and cannot be done away with.

Here at Takoradi Technical University, these are the events you must know about.


A very important day for everyone who has ever passed through uni.

Held to officially welcome new students into the school, matriculation is one thing we all look forward to.

Photoshoots are basically the biggest thing for students on this day.











The SRC Akwaaba is a week-long celebratory event aimed at integrating freshmen into the school. It is a week filled with fun activities such as candle night, floats, akwaaba jams as well as the electrifying artistes’ night.

Chale, if there’s one thing you should never miss in uni, it’s akwaaba week.

I mean what story would you have to tell? Who comes to uni and doesn’t go for akwaaba week?









In the second semester, each Faculty is dedicated a week for faculty week celebrations. Characterized by entrepreneurial seminars, faculty excursions, interdepartmental games among others, the faculty weeks serve as a great opportunity for faculty members to socialize and partake in the affairs of the Faculty.


Hall weeks are one of the most anticipated events on campus and kick off in the 2nd semester of the academic year. It begins with Ghacem Hall and Ahanta Hall (AHA-GHACEM) celebrating theirs within the 2nd month of the semester with Getfund Hall following right after the mid-semester examinations alongside Nzema Mensah Hall.


















The election week often takes place a few weeks before the end of 2nd semester examinations. It is a very busy week which sees a lot of campaigning activities, vetting and eventually voting of new SRC executives.

Classes aren’t really effective during election week so for those of you who are anti-class, this is good news for you lol.


Chaplaincy, which comprises all Christian religious bodies on campus, organize a week-long revival twice in a semester, in the first and last month of every semester.

Characterized by prayer meetings, worship nights, an all-night revival and a thanksgiving service, chaplaincy week sees a lot of busy activities.

Related image









The Ghana National Union of Technical Students in conjunction with the Women’s Commission host their week celebration in the 2nd semester of the academic year. A theme is set each year and all activities to take place are centered on the set theme.

These are constant events on the school’s calendar, be informed.

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