#NewMusic: This Soul Snatching EP From Maayaa Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Have you ever heard music so beautiful you could literally feel it filling up your soul? This feeling is rare. Finding music that does that especially in this age is rare.

We literally stumbled upon this amazing music project on Twitter yesterday and there are not enough words to describe how stupidly talented the artiste is.

excuse the language but whoa!!!

So, the project is an EP from an artiste called Maayaa. The EP is titled ‘Chapter Red’ and to be extremely honest, nothing prepares you for the rich melody that will slam dunk you into a trance.

No exaggerations here please.

Each song tells a story so intense that you’d almost be able to touch the feelings being expressed by the artiste. Her voice is so unexpected; so strong yet soft, and sort of pulls you in both aggressively and softly.

Chapter Red is perfect and she found the perfect artistes to complement her work: Worlasi and Akan. “San”  with Akan is easily a favourite. Seriously, the song will have you yearning for a love interest you didn’t even know you let go. ‘Perfect’ is another favourite that screams positivity and self-love and we love it!!

The EP is everything you need!!

Get it ASAP on any of these music platforms: Soundcloud ,Apple Music, Spotify and Aftown





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